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December 13, 2013
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2013 art summary by inma 2013 art summary by inma
My art summary for 2013. Blank meme from Pixiv:

2013 sucked in general, for many reasons. It wasn't until I opened commissions in September that I started to finish pics properly and not leave them as colored sketches (aside from the WeaPon Girls illustrations I can't post online). I didn't find the energy to put my heart into drawing anything for the first part of the year, except for the Yogi x Gareki book, I'd say. It was hard for me to find anything to post from those months, then from September on I had too much. I guess that's good, it's work.

I hope my whole 2014 will be like the last four months of 2013 on the working side and better than 2013 in general on the personal side.

January: my first Kise fanart.
February: UlquiHime for *luleiya's birthday.
March: Peeta and Katniss.
April: Karneval anime started (I think?) and I wanted to make a proper Yogi x Gareki CG.
May: The Snow White book for kids I made at my friend's company. It's finished, but I don't know when it's supposed to come out. I'll post the info when it's up, I guess? It'll be for iPad.
June: Karneval anime ended and they cut that Gareki scene which I loved, so I drew my little version of it.
July: My Yogi x Gareki doujinshi "Beautiful Thing".
August: Felt like drawing Peeta and Katniss again.
September: Commission for ~moondust70
October: Commission for =Christouffe
November: Commission for ~theStranger1999
December: Commission for *rerolune
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